We’re all looking for a healthy solution - most of the time it’s to loose weight, get fit or shape up! And of course what better time of year than January - New year new you!

"The problem with the word 'Diet' is that is has a beginning and an end. We normally start super strict - we limit ourselves to what we can eat (usually cutting out dairy, wheat, sugar etc) or we look for a super 'quick-fix' diet which means either a cabbage soup liquid diet or simply living off leaves and minimal quantities. This doesn't have to be so. In order to maintain a healthy sustainable weight management lifestyle, it is important to get the correct amount of food into your body," says Arjan Grewal-Thethy. co-founder of NutriEats.

Urban Eatery, has come up with a brand new healthy menu for you, curated by NutriEats which has a number of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free options. The menu still contains dishes from the normal menu but with a healthy twist - mostly higher protein lower fat options with healthier choices of carbohydrates and sides so you can still enjoy some of your favourite dishes without feeling sluggish, lethargic or the dreaded food-coma effect.

Give your day a healthy start with a delicious, light dish from the Healthy Breakfast section - definitely Nairobi’s healthiest breakfast menu around!

Urban Healthy Breakfast Options are the perfect start to your day!

Urban Healthy Breakfast Options are the perfect start to your day!

Try our healthy sandwiches such as the High-Iron Steak Sandwich, (baguette for ciabatta because its a lighter bread - it has more holes in it). This is a delicious combo of seared lean beef strips with roasted peppers, rocket leaves and mustard instead of mayonnaise. The sandwich selection makes sure you get high protein, low-fat and lower-calorie sandwiches, perfect for when you are hungry, need a balanced bite to fill you and keep energized throughout the day. 

If you’re craving Asian foods, the Thai Chilli King Prawns, wok-tossed king prawns with coriander, pineapple and tamarind sauce served with steamed rice cooked with minimal oil are the perfect guilt-free dish. Or try the Sushi and Sashimi Combo, a 12-piece combo of various sushi and sashimi including Tuna and Salmon sashimi, as well as Nigiri rolls. 


The menu has great Vegan and Vegetarian options including the Stir Fry Asian Greens, - a fresh mix ofseasonal vegetables including shitake mushrooms and bok choy, served with oil-free vegetable rice, the grilled veggie mix as well as a high protein Tofu salad. Other Vegetarian options include all the breakfast options (if you do eat eggs the egg-white omelette on its own or in a sandwich is a great high-protein option!), Cajun Spiced Grilled Cottage Cheese Steaks, and some of our delicious Super Salads such as the Paneer and Mango Salad. 

Speaking of salads, our new menu also offers Super Salads, a selection of calorie-conscious, high-protein combinations. We recommend the Mediterranean Beach-Body Salad, with oven-roasted beetroot, raw pear, feta and salad leaves served with a light lemon dressing on the side.  As the name suggests, the colourful salad is the best way to achieve that beach body you’ve been dreaming about.

From our Tandoor (traditional Indian grill), indulge in our lip-smacking 3 Spice Chicken On Skewers, with chargrilled chicken supreme breast marinated in a mix of tikka paste, coriander paste and cumin paste. 

Alternatively, try our low-fat grilled protein dishes, all cooked with minimal oil with healthy sides such as the Omega-3 Salmon Fillet Burger. We’ve also introduced Nairobi’s first Lo-Carb Burger - A bun-less burger that uses lettuce to cover your choice of patty – beef, chicken or vegetarian.

Urban Eatery's Lo-Carb Burger on the Healthy Menu

Urban Eatery's Lo-Carb Burger on the Healthy Menu

"We have a huge corporate clientele and we wanted to provide food options that were healthy, fresh, filling and light to keep them energized and help them stay active throughout the day." Aarti Devani, Co-Founder of Urban Eatery tells us.

So come dine at Urban Eatery and keep your waistline happy as well as your mind, body and soul!