The Urban Eatery Food Fair, set to take place on the 12th of February 2017 from 10am-6pm, is the first street-food fair of its kind in Kenya.

Nairobi has a plethora of regional themed restaurants, and even here at Urban Eatery, you’ll find a variety of global cuisines from our six different kitchens: Fireplace, The Daily, Bar Asia, Haandi, Mercury and Yog. But, apart from the local street food vendors on the Kenyan roads, it is rare to find international street foods within Kenya, which is why we are beyond excited to launch the first edition of The Urban Eatery Food Fair!

Make sure to try Indian casual fare from Haandi such as the cool and refreshing Chaat Papdi Mix Platter or the finger-licking good chicken and lamb samosas. Or some buttery Keema Pav may be your thing!

If you’re feeling a little feisty, try some perfectly Mexicana Poached Eggs with crispy sizzling Bacon or some spicy Chipotle Chicken with Broccoli and Refried Beans. Are you transported to the streets of Mexico yet?

For something a little lighter, make sure to indulge in our Asian treats from Bar Asia, such as the Avocado Maki rolls or for something a little spicy and a touch of sweet, our Sweet Spicy And Sticky Chicken. It is simply moreish and you’ll be left wanting more!

And for the picky eaters or those who just want  some casual café bistro fare, The Daily will be offering bites such as Waffles, Crepes, French Toast and entrees such a pizza, pasta and mini burgers. Even the kids are catered for!

Fret not if you’re a dessert fanatic, for you can indulge in heavenly desserts such as Apple Enchiladas, Red Wine Brownies, Jamun Ki Rabri among others, to take you on a culinary journey across the globe.

Wash these delicious street foods down with our classic cocktails such as the Nutty Russian, Urban Godfather or the Pimms Cup, and not forgetting the best Kenyan drink: fresh madafu or coconut water!

Urban Eatery founder, Aarti Devani says, “With a range of global street foods all in one place, you no longer need to catch a flight to a far-flung destination to get a taste of that gourmet foreign delicacy you could only previously dream about.”

So come check out Kenya’s first street food fair and enjoy a spectacular day of indulgence in the tastiest global street cuisines, all cooked live, with some incredible live music entertainment. And take some delicious goodies home from local food vendors such as Mummy’s Chilies, Raka Dairy, Confini Candy Ltd, Kericho Gold, Le Decanter, Baraka Israel, Tropical Heat, Linda's Nut Butters, amongst others.

Street food is one of the most popular type of foods in the world and about two billion people consume it everyday. Street food is defined as prepared food sold on the streets and other public places, often cheaper than foods sold in restaurants, and they can be sold from kiosks, portable food booths, food carts and food trucks. While today street foods are seen to be trendy, back in the day, they were often intended for the poor who could not afford ovens in their homes. The earliest civilizations to have street food include the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks who sold small fried fish. Street food varied from region to region with Eastern European countries selling rice, lamb kebabs, fried chicken and other meat dishes, while in  America, oysters, fruits and sweets were more common. Here’s a fun fact: West European street foods led to the origin of French fries in Paris in the 19th century.

Today, street foods are no longer local by type and in just one place, you can find street foods of all types in every city. It is no longer unusual to find authentic sushi in New York City or some donner kebabs in Tokyo.

Here in Kenya, while you may be used to the roasted maize, cassava and sweet potato from the local vendors, get ready to try some delicious treats from all across the globe! We can't wait for you to try all that's on offer! See you all there!