Saturday afternoons in Nairobi just got a whole lot more exciting with Urban Eatery, one of Nairobi’s most prestigious restaurants, having ventured into the old English tradition of High Teas.

High Teas are becoming more common-place in plush restaurants in Kenya, and Urban Eatery would not be left behind as we aim to be seen as more global, and as a trendsetter for both the fashion and restaurant industries.  

What is high tea?

In a nutshell, high tea is a small meal taken a few hours before the main evening meal. It is a long-standing English tradition that is believed to have originated prior to or during the Industrial Revolution. English folk would indulge in the meal after a long day at work as they waited for their main meal, which they would usually have at around 8 pm. It was a matter for survival for these factory workers, and the meal would involve tea and a few bitings.

It is important to note that high tea is different from afternoon tea, a tradition similar to high tea except that it is a reserve of the British aristocratic class. High tea is served at a table with people sitting on chairs that have high backs. On the other hand, afternoon tea is usually served on low parlor or garden chairs.

Urban Eatery High Tea

We successfully launched our version of high tea on 21 April 2018, and we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the event on every Saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm at our establishment. With this successful launch, we now joins the likes of other lavish restaurants within the city such as Villa Rosa Kempinski and the Sarova Hotel that offer regular high-teas to their tea-loving clientele.  

As was evident during our high tea launch, our tea loving customers can expect to have the usual three-layer tier of bitings alongside their teas, as is common in similar occasions globally. However, this specific high tea will come with a special twist that will work well to set the restaurant apart from other establishments in the country and abroad.

For instance, during the launch, the three-layer tier consisted of scones, pastries such as chocolate cake, and cookies. For the special twist, we threw in some Asian delights such as sushi amongst others. Tea enthusiasts can expect a lot more surprises in the restaurant's upcoming high tea events, obviously based on the theme of the day.  

In addition, we are also aiming to transform how Nairobians view high teas. Majority of residents view such meals as being too fancy, or over the top as well as being the reserve of a special class. They also view the meal as more official, meaning that it is a meal that should be shared between work colleagues.

However, we want to make our high-tea a meal that is less official and where a group of friends or family members can go to relax, and enjoy themselves as they partake in delicious tea and bitings.

The unique features of this particular high tea do not stop there. Customers also get to choose whether they will partake in a traditional high tea, or a champagne infused one. The latter costs just a little more than the traditional variation of high tea, but both packages are sublime.

So, remember, it is high-tea time every Saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm at Urban Eatery in Westlands, Nairobi. Go ahead and make that reservation for the perfect Saturday afternoon plan.