The Formula One World Championship is undeniably the most popular motorsport-racing event in the world. The premier auto-racing event began in 1950, making this year’s Formula One World Championship its 72nd edition. Each season consists of a number of races, referred to as Grands Prix, that are held in different countries across the world. The drivers in each season compete for the World Drivers’ Championship title, while their respective teams compete for the World Constructors’ Championship title.

The current Drivers’ Champion is Lewis Hamilton, while his team, Mercedes, is the current Constructors’ Champion. A points system is used to determine the winners of both championship titles every season. For each race, the drivers and constructors earn points based on their performance in the race. The driver and the team with the most points at the end of the season are awarded their respective championship titles.

In the past, many Kenyans failed to recognize the complexity of this sport, making it one of the least watched sporting events in the country. Fortunately, now more people, especially those in Nairobi, realize that Formula One races are not just about fast cars moving around a driving circuit at perilous speeds. For this reason, its viewership in Kenya, especially in Nairobi has increased tremendously, with majority of viewers being young adult males aged between 18-37 years old.

Obviously, the most alluring aspect of a Formula One Grand Prix is the speed. For nearly 120 minutes, the audience gets to watch 20 drivers move at incredible speeds around a racing track purpose built with sharp corners and varied stretches of straight-aways. The circuits are quite complex, as the drivers have to maneuver each turn at dangerously high speeds, and balance that with reaching maximum speeds in the straight-away stretch. Most people, especially men love speed, and it is little wonder that young Kenyan men are naturally gravitating towards the sport.  

However, speed is not the only reason for Formula One’s increased fan base in Kenya. The engineering aspect of it is also quite captivating, and keeps fanning the drama between the drivers as well as the teams. Formula One is where we get to see automobile engineering at its finest. Throughout the years, the Formula One championships has been the stage for showcasing unrivalled automobile technological developments.  

Annually, the cars get faster, and the engines and tires get better. It is a cutthroat competition between engineering giants all over the world, giving us ceaseless entertainment in every season.

The 2018 season is halfway through, with 10 Grand Prix already completed and just 11 more to go. Most bars and restaurants in Nairobi hardly ever comprehensively show an F1 championship season. This means that many F1 Kenyan fans have been unable to watch all of the preceding rounds of this season. However, this sorry state of affairs is about to change.

You can now catch all the drama, action, and speed of the remainder of the 2018 Formula One Championships at Nairobi’s most premier family restaurant, the Urban Eatery. The restaurant will be showing each of the remaining rounds of the motorsport event for the rest of its calendar year. You and your family can enjoy a wonderful meal, great ambience, and a family’s day out all rolled into one, whilst catching a breathtaking live TV showing of the Formula One Grand Prix.