The month is ending soon and it is time for you to celebrate your hard labour with a drink or two at the Urban Eatery. Check our specially selected Happy Hour cocktails (every Friday from 4-7pm) you can sip on as you relax after a long, hard day.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

While you may be stuck in Nairobi this weekend, this frozen treat will still allow you to kick back and relax as though you’re at a beach, while sipping away on a delicious berry tequila cocktail. Made with fresh strawberries, you’ve just got to worry about not having enough fun with the girls.

Johnnie Ginger

Sip away your woes with this simple johnnie walker Red Label vodka cocktail made with ginger ale, lime juice and sweetened with a dash of simple syrup.

Dawa 2.0

Aah…the quintessential coastal cocktail.  Dawa 2.0 is a citrusy take on the traditional dawa with citrus vodka, fresh lime juice, zesty lime wedges and rich, velvety honey to make this slick treat go down quick!

Frozen Cucumber Collins

Refreshing cucumber paired with zesty gin and fresh lime juice makes for a delectable frozen drink as you wind down this weekend after a long, hard week at work.


Perfect G&T

While you can enjoy from our selection of signature cocktails, sometimes, old classics like our Perfect G&T go down a treat. Gordon’s Gin paired with tonic water and some thirst-quenching slices of cucumber, you’ve got a straight winner, right there.

So what are you waiting for? Call your buds and sip away on some of the coolest and yummiest boozy concoctions in town! Only at the Urban Eatery Happy Hour every Friday from 4-7pm!