We know, we know! That’s a bad pun but we are just so egg-cited for Easter that we couldn’t just help it. 

Check out these egg-stravagant dishes this Easter season. 

Omelette Bar

Our omelette bar offers four varieties of omelettes to choose from for the perfect start to your day. The Club Omelette, a fluffy three-egg omelette with sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach and gouda cheese, served with a grilled tomato, is ideal if you want a little bit of richness, while still eating something healthy, to fuel you for your Easter activities. For a healthier lighter twist, try this as an egg-white omelette. You won’t taste the difference and still be as full.

The Garden Vegetable is a two-egg omelette loaded with veggies such as red pepper, grilled zucchini, and onion. This is a perfect option to up your veggie intake in a delicious, fluffy way. The Ham ‘N’ Cheese takes your favourite sandwich fillings and puts them in a omelette so you can have your favourite combo for breakfast. And if you’re picky like some of us, then try the Daily Omelette where you can customise your eggs with the option of adding mushrooms, cheese, or fresh herbs. 

Slim Omelette

For an even healthier take on the omelette, try our three egg-white omelette made with baby spinach and sautéed mushrooms, served with a grilled tomato. Full of flavour, this low-calorie and high protein dish won’t throw you off your healthy lifestyle.

Omelette Sandwich

Sometimes, you want an omelette between two pieces of crispy bread. And there’s nothing better than our spicy Spanish omelette in a baguette with fresh tomatoes and pickles to satisfy your craving this Easter. And it’s perfect as a filling, low-calorie and low-fat option as an egg-white omelette sandwich from our healthy menu. Fret not, it will be flavourful.

Morning Pizza

We know! You didn’t expect pizza on this list, but this is nothing like the cold, leftover pizza you unwilling binge on after a night of debauchery. Instead, indulge in this special pizza made just for your breakfast needs. Loaded with two eggs, prego sauce, mozzarella, red onion, red pepper and arugula, you’ve got your guilty indulgence perfected into a hearty breakfast. 

English Breakfast

We all tend to drink up when the holidays are here. So fuel up and kill that pestering hangover with this all-time favourite. You’ll feel so much better once you have had the sunny side up egg served with baked beans, beef sausages, bacon, fresh salad and a bread basket. Trust us!

Eggs Benedict

With the long weekend this Easter, some of us (ahem!) would just prefer lazy days of just brunching. And we can’t think of a better brunch dish than this American classic. Soft poached eggs and ham topped with hollandaise sauce with sprinkles of black pepper on brioche bread will transport you to the ultimate fantasy, leaving you wishing you could eat this every day. No? Okay, it’s just us then. But don’t blame us, eggs are addictively delicious!

Masala Omelette with Bun "Masaka"

Sometimes, an omelette with a twist can make your Easter even more special, especially if we are saving you the cost of traveling to India with our delectable dishes. Try our two egg pan omelette along with (lotsa) buttered bread, masala beans and crispy potatoes. Are you transported to India yet? 

Egg Akuri Roll

An Indian take on the typical breakfast burrito. Here, enjoy our masala egg scramble in roomali roti roll with potatoes, onions, and masala beans. It’s okay, we won’t judge you if you order it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It really is that egg-ceptional!

You May Also Want to Try

Quiche of the Day - The Daily’s Quiche Of The Day is freshly baked every day. This quiche is a great way of getting your dose of veggies while indulging in a velvety, rich and protein-filled egg pie. And served with a side salad and sour cream for some added freshness, you can’t go wrong with this breakfast favourite. And if you order this for any other time of the day, we won’t judge!

Egg Chappo - Another twist on a Kenyan classic is our Egg Chappo with flaky Indian bread stuffed with a spicy egg mixture. Your taste buds will be dancing with this heavenly combo, served with a side salad, a tangy tamarind sauce, and a cooling yogurt dip. 

Spicy Italian Breakfast - Some like to start their day sweet, but some of us like to start it a little spicy. This spicy Italian breakfast – two eggs cooked in prego sauce with red pepper, oregano, garlic, and chilli – served with side salad, house bread and four different spreads will kick-start your system and you’ll be ready for a fun-fuelled weekend of Easter festivities.

So, hatch a plan with your loved ones and have an egg-cellent Easter at Urban Eatery!