It's exciting enough that we have POTUS coming to Kenya, but Obamania here reaches far further: he's a son of Kenya and we're welcoming him home! That means we are beautifying the city to such an extent that the 2030 plan can probably be re-written once he's gone. Nairobi is looking amazing, and it's great to see that when we need things done in a hurry, we can get things done in a hurry.

We'd love to welcome Obama to Urban Eatery and serve up some of his favourites - rumoured to be broccoli (we're not sure about it as a main course, Mr President, but as a side Kenyan grown broccoli is truly scrumptious), pizza (yes, we can definitely do that) and the occasional burger. But aside from those things, we believe travel is about discovery, and on this occasion we'd like you to experiment with the fiery cuisine of Southern India, or the delicate flavours of Asia, perhaps the icy sweetness of a Yog or an array of Lebanese or Mexican treats. Perhaps it would be the cocktail of the day, after a long stint of meetings (we can't complain of traffic because there won't be any!). We've got a lot to offer you Mr President, and aside from Kenyan coffee or tea, there is so much more.

Enjoy the stay and if you need a break, please feel welcome at Urban Eatery where we're on standby for your order.